Hover over the pieces of my kit below to learn more.


Our crash helmets are manufactured by Uvex and must comply with strict rules for safety. Most athletes choose the colour of their helmet or have complicated designs and pictures.

My helmet is purple and black at the moment because my favourite colour is purple, but I'm getting a brand new helmet for this season and I haven't yet decided on the design!


My racing suit is especially designed for me so that it sticks to my body like a glove and is as aerodynamic as possible.

It is made of lycra and very hard to get on as it is so tight! For the more difficult tracks I will also put some padding down my suit to protect myself in case I hit the sides.


We wear gloves to protect our hands. My Adidas gloves are grippy on the palm side so that my hand doesn't slide when I'm pushing the sled at the start.


We wear specially designed push shoes that are designed so that we can run on ice and have enough grip not fall over!

Our shoes have hundreds of small metal spikes on the sole and a metal cover over the toes which helps protect our feet when we use our toes to steer on the ice.