Lizzy tops off a rollercoaster season with a stunning Bronze medal at the World Championships in Königssee.

Just 0.73 seconds behind the winner Jacqueline Loelling and 0.48 behind her German teammate Tina Hermann who claimed the silver medal, to be on the podium at a German home track is a great achievement.

After a tough two days of racing and a season marred by niggling injuries, Lizzy was delighted to bring a medal home, she said:

“It’s very emotional. I really feel like this is the beginning and this is where the hard work starts.

“I feel as though I’ve had a season to get back into competition and now I know how to race again. Racing against Germans on their home track is a really tough challenge but I feel like I was consistent here. It’s all about being consistent and calm under pressure and dealing with what’s in front of you.  I was always confident but I do feel now that I’ve got back into the swing of things.

“I never doubted myself – never doubted that I would give my best.

“I do feel like I’ve developed as a person and in terms of my sliding skill and ability since I won the World title. Even though my results haven’t always shown I’m a better slider this season, I know that I am. I’ve got a better perspective now and a better platform.

“I can’t thank everyone in my team enough for being so patient with me and pushing me on when I needed it and telling me to cool off when I needed that, too.

“What a day!  Thanks for all your support everyone – it means a lot.”


Photos: Mike Varley