Lizzy began her World Championships campaign with a great return to the Konigssee track today, having dominated during training this week she was duly 0.02sec from the bronze place after the first run. The second run however saw Lizzy fall down the order as the weather conditions caused havoc.  The race was finally cancelled due to the heavy snow and Lizzy now goes into the second day of the World Championships in 4th place.

Lizzy said: “A run being cancelled is something that’s happened this year already, so now I’m resetting in fourth place, 2 hundredths off a bronze medal and 27 hundredths off first place. Those will be my focus points for tonight: knowing the numbers but then looking at how I can make the difference.

I need to get some rest but will be off to re-prep my sled, review video and have some discussions with my coach Eric, then I will sleep very well tonight!”


Photos: Mike Varley