About My Sled

Here’s the tea tray! Lizzy’s sled is a BlackRoc, the most feared of all sled designs! Lizzy has had the same sled since she started skeleton in 2009, with exception to a few updates and improvements.
It weighs a whopping 29kg, and lays underneath Lizzy from her shoulders to below her knees.

Lizzy named her sled after a great man and friend who she met when working at Hardy Underwriting, an insurance syndicate of Lloyd’s of London. Mervyn the sled, and the real Mervyn Sugden, have both helped Lizzy on her journey in this high adrenaline sport.

Sled Facts

A skeleton sled is made from a steel frame, two steel runners which are used to steer the sled, a saddle for the athlete to hold on to, as well as a protective pan covering the sled.

For lots of pretty pictures and proper British Skeleton information, see Mervyn BlackRoc

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