XXII Olympic Winter Games - Sochi
14 Feb 2014 - Timings Sheet



A dream come true, I can't believe I won the race! There are so many people that are part of my journey, thanks to them all and thank you to everyone for their good wishes and support. Follow your dreams and never give up!

World Cup 13/14 Race 8 - Königssee
24 Jan 2014 - Timings Sheet



Snowy conditions, a one run race and 9th. But this a beautiful result as it means... Overall world champion! I'm so thrilled, thank you to all my team and to everyone for all their support along the way.

World Cup 13/14 Race 7 - Igls
17 Jan 2014 - Timings Sheet



A wonderful race. I actually thought my second run was a little bit messy! So to finish 3 tenths ahead still is massive, I'm so so chuffed. 7 races and 7 podiums!

World Cup 13/14 Race 6 - St Moritz
11 Jan 2014 - Timings Sheet



I had quite a few bumps and scrapes along the way, two less than perfect runs. I'm ecstatic that I made another podium finish :-D. I'm really pleased there's two British girls on the podium. It shows our strength in depth.

World Cup 13/14 Race 5 - Winterberg
4 Jan 2014 - Timings Sheet



On the 2nd run I was really flying, I could feel the speed. Thanks to my coach Andy Schmid, we had a great plan here, we are starting to dream ahead now, I can't wait to hopefully go to the Olympics.

World Cup 13/14 Race 4 - Lake Placid
15 Dec 2013 - Timings Sheet



I made an excellent start and was able capitalise on it the whole way down. I'm so happy sliding right now, I have such a great support team and funding which has helped me all the way in achieving these wonderful results. 4 races 4 podiums!

World Cup 13/14 Race 3 - Lake Placid
13 Dec 2013 - Timings Sheet



Really thrilled with this result, I never gave up and managed to gain 5 positions on my second run! I'm still getting used to this track and it's great to be on the podium here with these great athletes.

World Cup 13/14 Race 2 - Park City
6 Dec 2013 - Timings Sheet



Noelle was exceptional today here at her home track, congrats to her. I'm so pleased to have got another great result and have such an amazing start to the season.

World Cup 13/14 Race 1 - Calgary
29 Nov 2013 - Timings Sheet



Very pleased to get such a great start to the Olympic season! I'm proper chuffed. It was a really tough race. Thanks y'all for the support ;)

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