My Coaching & Mentoring Ethos

My ethos is to work with a client as a ‘teammate’, moving together towards the client’s goals and focus of change, in a partnership of two equals.

After reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben I was inspired by how trees who grow close together protect each other, and growing in a forest allows them to not only survive but thrive. Although we are clearly not trees, I think we can learn a lot by surrounding ourselves by those who challenge us, and push us on to be bigger and stronger, or maybe just think a little differently.

Appreciating my love of high-pressure moments and performance been a source of motivation for the switch into Performance Coaching, as well as a desire to share my love of failure and development as a part of our normal personal progression. As a parent my two daughters have challenged my thinking that there is only one way to achieve something. I have seen that no one path is better than another, and one person’s ambition or challenge is no less important that another’s.

We are all so different – in our professional and personal lives, as well as the various demands we have on us, and varied upbringings which we have experienced. I believe that bringing your authentic self is essential. This can allow for curious and interesting conversations, within a supported setting, leading to longer term transformative change. I believe that effective Performance Coaching leads to deeper personal understanding, growth, and performance focus.

A real hidden gem of this work is the opportunity to get to know yourself better, now. As humans we are constantly adapting. Understanding, and utilising your motivations and strengths as a constantly evolving person is a huge performance advantage.


Coaching programmes are usually 6 sessions however all programmes are designed specifically for the individual. Sessions last between 1 to 1.5 hours and are change focussed, working with the client on their career goals, ideas, or challenges. Confidential conversation where I work with the client 1:1.


Mentoring is where shared experiences and understanding can create huge impact. Mentoring is an individually focussed, confidential conversation where I work with the client 1:1. Mentoring involves the skill of asking effective and simple questioning, but with the added benefit of familiarity and knowledge of the skill area. The mentee is always at the heart of the conversation, with their career goals as well as challenges being the focus for change.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching takes all the benefits of great coaching conversations and opening questions to a team environment, where the ability to think clearly and communicate with your colleagues effectively is essential. Work with me as a teammate and find space for your team to think through their challenges together, manage their own next steps, as well as appreciating a moment to pause and reflect together.

I volunteer at the Prince’s Trust coaching their staff, as well as volunteering as a mentor for the University of Gloucestershire.