"Our awards ceremony was made extra special thanks to Lizzy."

From rising up the ranks within 5 years to jump onto the top of the Olympic podium (where success lead to success), to then grip onto a Team GB selection for her second Winter Olympics when race wins were a hard fought battle, Lizzy has lived many ‘best versions of herself’. During her sensational wins at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics, Lizzy captured the hearts and imagination of the British Public. People warmed to the humble young woman from Kent who never gave up on her dreams and with a frightening determination, reached the pinnacle of world sport.

Comfortable delivering a motivational speech, taking part in a Q&A session or working and interacting with groups or individuals, Lizzy is adept at tailoring her message to suit different audiences.

Using her experiences from the world of elite sport and having studied ‘Mental Toughness’ at University, Lizzy can deliver sessions that will resonate your business.


  • Personal resilience

  • Goal setting & being goal driven

  • Mental toughness

  • Self-awareness

  • Identifying & retaining talent

  • Teamship & Collaboration

  • Leadership

  • Adapting to change

  • Innovation

  • Controlling your environment

"Lizzy's achievements were impressive and she was also really down-to-earth, which meant she really engaged the audience."

− Scotland Institute of Sport

"When she shared in such vivid detail her recollection of the events of the last two runs in Pyeongchang, you could hear a pin drop, she had everyone mesmerised."

− DAC Beachcroft LLP

"We have had amazing feedback and Lizzy certainly left her mark on the women in the audience - inspired is the word which most of them have used when I have spoken to anyone!"

− Institute of Women's Insurers

"The response from the team was absolutely fantastic, the large crowd genuinely warmed to her. The comments after the event replayed again and again her key messages around holding on to your vision, resilience in the face of adversity, self-belief and controlling the controllables.

Landing these messages in such a natural way is only possible through true authenticity, which I believe Lizzy has in buckets. I would recommend Lizzy without reserve and look forward to working with her again in the future."

− Argos

"Lizzy was a fantastic guest and speaker; engaging and genuine."

− Jaguar Land Rover

"Quite frankly Lizzy was awesome – absolutely on the money and just the thing to motivate Officer Cadets during what at times is quite a grueling process."

− Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

"Lizzy was really interested in meeting the graduates in person and hearing about their journeys to JLR. She patiently stood through at least 283 selfies! Many thanks once again!"

− Jaguar Land Rover

"Lizzy’s story was compelling and so relevant to anyone who has talent and potential, facing and overcoming all challenges with real intent and focus. I was so inspired by Lizzy’s story that I asked if she would speak at our peak season conference to an audience of 1000 retail store managers."

− Argos

"Thank you so much for coming into the office to talk to some of our younger staff, the feedback from your talk was excellent and they all find your achievements very impressive and inspirational."

− JLT Speciality

"Our enormous thanks to Lizzy for a brilliant session at Risky Business. She went down incredibly well and created such a buzz and positivity."

− Risky Business Conference


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