Happy New Year!

By January 5th, 2015 Blog No Comments

It’s 2015- how about that! Of course 2014 was more than likely the best year of my life, but it also came with its own challenges. I am looking forward to a clean slate with this new year as much as anyone – I’m also regretting my New Year’s resolutions as much as everyone!

I’ve just arrived in Altenberg, Germany for race 3 of the season. With a stop-start beginning to this year’s World Cup circuit it’ll be good to have a full 6 weeks full time training abroad with the team. Nothing beats the feeling of heading up to the track early in the morning and seeing the snow covered mountains surrounding me. A deep breath of super fresh air pushes the reset button every time, which I love. Everyday is a new day to try and get that elusive steer or beat the unbeatable track record.

This year, my New Year’s resolutions include giving up caffeine, both tea and coffee. I see this as both healthy and stupid. I decided to give it a go as I’ve been a hot drink addict for as long as I can remember- day 5 and it is almost impossible. I hope it gets easier!

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions are:

  • Give up caffeine for a few months
  • Read 1 book each month
  • Do the second day of a 2-part photography course that I started in 2012
  • Be happy and appreciate every single day

Whatever your resolutions are I think that half the battle is just committing to them, and I hope that you can achieve all your hopes and dreams this year.

Speak soon and Happy New Year!