I’m here- it has begun – this is it.

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Approaching Sochi!

The past week of settling into the Olympic task ahead was a lot stranger that I’d thought it would be. Since I started to really believe that I could qualify for the Olympics I’d been rehearsing each individual part of the Olympic Dream. From finishing the World Cup circuit, the kitting out, interviews, packing my bags in my flat, flying with the rest of TeamGB out to Sochi and arriving in the Athlete Village. None of these events happened how I imagined they would. It transpired that all of the jobs that I would usually do within a weeks break back in the UK would be set as normal- food shopping, sprint training, weight training, seeing my family etc. All of these ‘normal’ things were surrounded by very abnormal conversations about the Winter Olympics, my first Olympics, my hopes and expectations and my partner in crime Mervyn.

I spent one afternoon training and lifting close to my personal best in the gym, running around full of adrenaline and pumped for the session, and then straight over to the City of Bath for a sponsors evening in a cocktail dress, excusing myself for a sneeze of cough. These two roles of my job as an athlete are polar opposites, with the best way of explaining how a ‘nice young lady’ throws herself down the ice shoot at 90mph is that I become a very different animal when it’s time to train. Stepping into the BOA kitting out room and seeing all the wonderful lounging and performance wear which’ll help me on the days when I need it most, was like another job ticked off the list. When I step towards an interviewer laden with cameras and microphones I become the articulate, warm, and approachable Lizzy intent on trying to inspire someone who might just catch an interview or read the paper. As soon as I arrived at Heathrow my body and mind went into the travelling groove; getting hydrated and fuelled ready for the journey with lots of regular movement and stretching.

The Olympic Dream which I though this would be is so different to what I have experienced so far. I am intent on doing my best; I get up early and am often the first to breakfast and the first to pack my bags- only 2 days before training this week! And when I give myself a moment to lift my head up and look around, tears flow down my cheeks with pride. There is no where in the World I would rather be and no one else I’d rather share this with than my beautiful family and my team here who all give me so much strength.

I’d like to share this journey with you all. Not through twitter updates and quick photos or comments here and there, but through my story written properly. I will show you my life over each and every day that I am here, I will tell you the truth and bring you into my life.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We are here- we made it begin- this is it.

Lizzy x